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Cayman Islands Restaurants and Cayman dining guide

A restaurant guide for food-lovers who live in Grand Cayman or the Sister Islands and are deciding where to
dine tonight and for those visitors who are researching the lovely Cayman Islands
before their cruise or land vacation…"We are here to serve you!"

The Cayman Islands Restaurants Guide offers a complete list of ALL restaurants currently serving Grand Cayman and
our Sister Islands: Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. This website is a free service to all restaurants in the Cayman Islands
since 1999 and is our way to say Thank You! for all their great work.


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60 Cayman Chefs we featured
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of the list below

WB - West Bay
SMB - Seven Mile Beach
GT - George Town
RB - Red Bay
SA - Savannah
BT - Bodden Town
BR - Breakers
EE - East End
NS - North Side
RP - Rum Point
CB - Cayman Brac
LC - Little Cayman
  sea view restaurant - water view
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Cayman Restaurants - Wok-n-Roll by Chef Benz

Ristorante Pappagallo

Cayman Restaurants - Pappagallo Ristorante

Café del Sol

Cayman Restaurants - Café del Sol

China Village

Cayman Restaurants - China Village Restaurant Limited

Ragazzi Ristorante

Cayman Restaurants - Ragazzi Ristorante & Pizzeria

Upper Crust

Cayman Restaurants - Upper Crust Deli Bistro

Guy Harvey's
Island Grill

Cayman Restaurants - Guy Harvey's Island Grill

Calypso Grill

Cayman Restaurants - Calypso Grill


Cayman Restaurants - Icoa

Agua Restaurant
& Lounge

Cayman Restaurants - Agua Restaurant & Lounge

Catch Restaurant
& Lounge

Cayman Restaurants - Catch Restaurant


Cayman Restaurants - Casanova Restaurant


Cayman Restaurants - LUCA

Legendz Bar & Grille

Cayman Restaurants - Legendz Bar & Grille

Eats Cafe

Cayman Restaurants - Eats Cafe

Yoshi Sushi

Cayman Restaurants - Yoshi Sushi



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Abacus Restaurant & Lounge Contemporary/World SMB   623-8282
Agave Grill Mexican GT   947-5555
Agua Restaurant & Lounge Seafood/Fusion SMB   949-2482
Al La Kebab Greek SMB   943-4343
Alfresco Restaurant International/Italian WB
sea view restaurant
Amelia's Kitchen Caribbean/Spanish GT   949-5522
Anchor Bar & Lounge, Marriott Resort Crepes/Sushi SMB   949-0088
Andiamo, The Ritz-Carlton al Fresco Italian SMB   943-9000 -w
Arbutus Galley Local/Breakfast GT   943-1100
Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips British/Fast Food GT   943-2832
The Attic Sports Bar Pub Fare/Appetizers SMB   949-7665
Aunt Sha's Kitchen & Catering Local/Caribbean CB   948-1581
Bananas Restaurant Spanish/Caribbean GT   949-0859
Bar Crudo Seafood/Sushi GT sea view restaurant 946-9000
Bar Jack, The Ritz-Carlton Bar / Grill SMB
sea view restaurant
Barnie's Coffee Shop Breakfast/Lunch GT
sea view restaurant
Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream/Cakes SMB   946-2373
Beach House Costal Cuisine, The Westin Upscale-Casual SMB
sea view restaurant
Beach Nuts Bar & Restaurant Pizza/American LC sea view restaurant 948-1033
Beach Terrace, The Westin Tapas SMB sea view restaurant 945-3800
Big Bamboo Brew Pub American/Pub Fare GT   946-1115
Biggies International/Caribbean CB   948-2449
Billy Bones Pool Bar American/Pub Fare SMB   943-2663
Bird of Paradise Continental/International LC   948-1033
The Bistro Classic French SMB   623-6666
Blackie's Restaurant Local/International CB
sea view restaurant
Blue Breeze Cafe Local/Caribbean CB sea view restaurant 948-8148
Blue by Eric Ripert, The Ritz-Carlton Fine Dining SMB   943-9000
Blue Cilantro East-West Fusion SMB   945-HERB
Blue Iguana Grill International/Caribbean SMB
sea view restaurant
Blue Marlin Seafood/Local GT   949-4013
Bodden's Roti Shop Trinidadian/Local GT   946-3619
Bombay Chopsticks Indian/Chinese EE   947-7278
Borden's Pizza Pizza/Wings SMB   949-3462
Brac Snack Shack American/Local CB   948-1385
The Brasserie Local/International GT   945-1815
The Brasserie Market Healthy/Flavourful GT   945-1814
Bread & Chocolate Vegetarian/Modern GT   946-6239
Breadfruit Tree Restaurant Local/Caribbean GT   945-4620
Brittania Grille, Beach Suites Pub/Café SMB   949-1234
Burger King - Waterfront American/Fast Food GT
sea view restaurant
Burger King - Town Centre Plaza American/Fast Food GT   949-2022
Burger King - Walkers Rd American/Fast Food GT   945-3389
Burger King - 7Mile Beach American/Fast Food SMB   949-7784
Burger Shack Fresh Burgers SMB   949-2867
Bus-side Buffet Caribbean/Seafood GT   945-7965
Café del Sol Coffee House/Free WiFi SMB   946-2233 -w
Café del Sol Coffee House/Free WiFi GT   946-3344 -w
Café del Sol Coffee House/Free WiFi SMB   943-3344 -w
Café del Sol Coffee House/Free WiFi GT
sea view restaurant
943-3322 -w
Calico Jack's Bar & Grill American/Pub Fare SMB
sea view restaurant
Calypso Grill International/Seafood WB
sea view restaurant
Canton Chinese Restaurant Chinese SMB   945-3536
Captain's Table Restaurant Continental/Local CB   948-1418
Caribbean Jerk House & Grill Caribbean/Cayman SMB   946-2500
Carlos & Martin's Tex-Mex Cantina Tex/Mex SMB   949-4944
Casanova Restaurant Italian/International GT
sea view restaurant
Catch Restaurant & Lounge Seafood/Cocktails WB sea view restaurant 949-4321
Cayman Cabana Oceanside RestoBar Cayman/Fusion GT
sea view restaurant
Cayman Creperie Crepes/Panini/Coffee GT sea view restaurant 949-3355
Caysian Healthy Living Bistro Local/Asian SMB   623-0366
Champion House Restaurant Local/Caribbean GT   949-7882
Chef John's BBQ & Catering BBQ/Local SMB
sea view restaurant
Chester's Fish Fry Local/Caribbean BT   939-3474
Chicken! Chicken! Caribbean/Café SMB   945-2290
China Village Chinese GT   945-3490
Ching's Restaurant Chinese GT   949-7277
Chop Stix. Chinese SMB   947-8888
Chuzzo Cuisine Caribbean/Columbian GT   546-3679
Cimboco Caribbean/Café SMB   947-2782
The Clubhouse, Treasure Island Resort Pub Fare SMB   746-0839
Cobalt Coast Restaurant International/Seafood WB
sea view restaurant
Coconut Joe's Continental/Pub Fare SMB   943-5637
Coffee & Bites Café/Pastries GT   945-4892
Copper Falls Steakhouse Steak/Seafood SMB   945-4755 -w
Corita's Copper Kettle Local/Caribbean GT   949-2696
Country & Western Restaurant Local/International RB   945-4079
Cracked Conch Caribbean/International WB
sea view restaurant
Craft Food & Beverage Company Contemporary/GastroPub SMB   640-0004
Craft Market Café Local/American GT   945-7109
Da Fish Shack Fish/Friendly GT
sea view restaurant
Daily Grind Café/Lunch GT   945-1175 -w
Dairy Queen Ice Cream/Smoothies GT   946-4817
David’s Deep Blue Restaurant & Bar Caribbean/International EE
sea view restaurant
Deckers American/International SMB   945-6600 -w
Den, Marriott Resort Breakfast/International SMB   949-0088
Domino's Pizza - Mary Street Pizza/Fast Food GT   949-8282
Domino's Pizza - Savannah Pizza/Fast Food SA   947-1188
Domino's Pizza - West Bay Pizza/Fast Food WB   949-6633
Dragon Inn Chinese SA   947-1166
Driftwood Caymanian/Caribbean RP
sea view restaurant
Duke's Seafood & Rib Shack Seafood/Ribs SMB   640-0000
Eagle Ray's Dive Bar & Grill Seafood/American EE
sea view restaurant
Eats Cafe American/International SMB   945-1950
Edd's Place - Come Have Fun With Us American/International CB   926-0376
Edoardo's Italian/International SMB   945-4408 -w
Elaine's Restaurant Local/Caribbean GT   949-6385
Everglo Local/Caribbean BT   947-2580
Every Bloomin Thing British/Tea Room GT   945-1701
The Exchange Bar & Grill Tapas/Sandwiches GT
sea view restaurant
Ferdinand's, The Westin American/International SMB
sea view restaurant
Fidel Murphy's Irish Pub & Restaurant Pub Fare/Irish SMB   949-5189
Full Of Beans Café West-Coast/Asian GT   943-2326 -w
George Town Yacht Club Caribbean/International GT
sea view restaurant
947-4892 -w
Ginger Lily Frozen Yogurt Gourmet Frozen Yogurt SMB   946-9589
Gino's Pizzeria Pizza/Sandwiches SMB   943-3663
Grand Old House International/Caribbean GT
sea view restaurant
949-9333 -w
The Grand Palm Restaurant Seafood/Caribbean CB
sea view restaurant
Grand Pavillion Café and Lounge Light Fare SMB   525-1609
The Grape Tree Cafe Fish Fry Fish/Local BT
sea view restaurant
The Green Parrot Bar & Grill Cayman-style/BBQ GT
sea view restaurant
The Greenhouse Cafe Organic/Gluten-free WB
sea view restaurant
Guy Harvey's Island Grill Seafood/French GT
sea view restaurant
946-9000 -w
Hard Rock Cafe American/Burgers GT sea view restaurant 947-2020
Hemingways, Beach Suites International/Caribbean SMB
sea view restaurant
949-1234 -w
Heritage Kitchen Local/Cayman WB sea view restaurant 916-0444
Hungry Horse (airport cafe) American/Pub Fare GT   949-8056
Hungry Iguana (airport cafe) Local/American LC   948-0007
Icoa International/Fusion SMB   945-1915
Island Naturals Café Vegetarian/Organic SMB   945-2252
Island Taste Local/Seafood GT   945-4945
The Italian Kitchen Italian/Seafood EE   949-8210
Jessie's Juice Bar Wholesome/Nourishing SMB   949-2012
Jillian's Billiard Lounge & Bar. Caribbean/International SMB   949-0110
Kaibo Beach Bar & Grill Caribbean/International RP
sea view restaurant
947-9975 -w
Karma Pan-Asian SMB   946-5276
Karoo Small Plates SMB   946-6633
KFC - Baytown Plaza American/Fast Food SMB   949-2834
KFC - Shedden Rd American/Fast Food GT   945-5540
KFC - The Strand American/Fast Food SMB   945-9065
Kups Gourmet Coffee Coffee/Latin GT   324-3311
Kurt's Korner Authentic Cayman NS
sea view restaurant
La Dolce Vita Authentic Italian GT
sea view restaurant
La Esperanza Local/International CB   948-0531
La Sha Ry's Indian/Local GT   949-5274
Latin Taste Restaurant Latin/Caribbean GT   947-2267
Lauren's Amer-ibbean Fusion/Café SMB   946-7745 -w
Lean & Green Healthy/Caribbean GT   938-5326
Legendz Bar & Grille American/International SMB   943-3287
Lemongrass Fine Asian GT   946-1818
Liberty's Restaurant Local/Caribbean WB   949-3226
Lighthouse Restaurant Italian/Seafood BR
sea view restaurant
Lobster Pot Restaurant International/Caribbean GT
sea view restaurant
949-2736 -w
Lone Star Bar & Grill American/Mexican SMB   945-5175
Luca Contemporary/Italian SMB
sea view restaurant
623-4550 -w
Luz's Restaurant Local/Spanish GT   949-4898
Macabuca Oceanside Tiki Bar & Grill American/Pub Fare WB
sea view restaurant
MacDonald's Restaurant Local/American GT   949-4640
Maedac Midtown Cafe Sandwiches/Lunch GT   946-8077
Maedac Mirco Café Sandwiches/Lunch GT   946-6240
Maedac Super Centre Sandwiches/Lunch RB   949-2977
Mandarin Buffet Chinese/Lunch GT   946-9328
Mango Tree Restaurant & Lounge Caribbean/Local GT   949-0732
Margaritaville Cayman Islands American/Caribbean GT
sea view restaurant
Meringue Town Restaurant Local/Caribbean GT   945-8330
Michael's Genuine Food & Drink Contemporary/Local SMB   640-6433
Mimi’s Dock Bar & Restaurant Pub Fare/Carribbean-style EE
sea view restaurant
Mizu Contemporary/SE Asian SMB sea view restaurant 640-0001
Morgan's Seafood/American SMB
sea view restaurant
Mr Burgers Snacks & Things Local/American GT   949-6727
My Bar at Sunset House Seafood/Pub Fare GT
sea view restaurant
Myrtle's Restaurant Local/Caribbean SMB   949-7868
Nectar Sushi/Cocktails SMB   946-3496
Old Gaol Café Breakfast/Lunch GT   946-2482
Ortanique Restaurant Innovative Caribbean SMB   640-7710
OsetraBay International/Seafood WB
sea view restaurant
Over the Edge Seafood/Steakhouse NS
sea view restaurant
Paladar Grill Restaurant Cuban GT   769-5836
The Palms Caribbean Restaurant Caribbean/American CB
sea view restaurant
Papa John's Pizza Pizza/Sides SMB   943-7272
Paperman's Coffee House (The Strand) Café/American SMB   946-7185 -w
Paperman's Coffee House (MidPoint Plaza) Café/American GT   916-7185 -w
Pappagallo's Ristorante Italian/International WB   949-1119
Paradise Bar & Grill American/Caribbean GT
sea view restaurant
Peachwave Frozen Yogurt Cayman FrozenYogurt/Coffee SMB   949-3788 -w
Pelican's Reef at The Reef Resort International/Seafood EE
Pepinos Pizza Pizza GT   926-7063
Peppers Smokehouse Jamaican Jerk SMB   943-3000 
Perk Up Coffe Shop & Cafe Coffees/Baking SMB   949-7375
Piccolos Sandwiches/Deli GT   949-3663
Pirates Den Pub Fare SMB   949-7144 -w
Pirate's Point Dining Room Cayman/Continental LC
sea view restaurant
Pizza Hut - West Bay Rd Pizza/American SMB   949-8687
Pizza Hut - Countryside Pizza/American SA   947-7333
Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen Cajun Chicken GT   769-8000
PoPo Jeb's Pizza Pizza/American CB   948-0344

Quizno's Sub

American/Fast Food SMB   949-0000
Rackams Waterfront Restaurant American/Caribbean GT
sea view restaurant
Ragazzi Ristorante & Pizzeria Italian/Pizza SMB   945-3484 -w
Rankin's Jerk Pit Jerk/Caribbean BT   947-3155
Ray Ray's Late Night BBQ Jerk/BBQ SMB   946-6398
Reef Grill at the Royal Palms Seafood/American SMB
sea view restaurant
The Riviera Bar Island Tapas GT sea view restaurant 623-4372
Rocky's Lunch Burgers, Donuts SMB 945-4152
Root's Delight Vegan GT   925-0494
The Rum Point Club Restaurant Continental/Caribbean RP
sea view restaurant
Schooner's Bar & Grill Seafood/American WB   949-3894
Scott Gloria Restaurant Local/Caribbean GT   949-4025
SeaSide Paradise Restaurant American/Local BT
sea view restaurant
Seaharvest Restaurant ScubaHungry/Indian GT
sea view restaurant
Seven, The Ritz-Carlton Breakfast+Dinner SMB
sea view restaurant
943-9000 -w
SIDEbar Gastro-Pub SMB   745-3647
Silver Palm, The Ritz-Carlton Contemporary Lunch & Tea SMB   943-9000
Singh's Roti Shop & Bar Trinidadian/Local GT   946-7684
Smoothie Factory Smoothies/Juices SMB   749-7575
Smoothie King Nutritional Smoothies SMB   943-3400
South Coast Bar & Grill Caribbean/Local BR
sea view restaurant
South West Collective Local-sourced/Wholesome GT sea view restaurant 946-3004
Southern Spice Indian Restaurant Indian Cuisine SMB   949-5550
Stingers Restaurant & Pool Bar American/Pub Fare SMB   945-3000
Subway (West Shore) American/Fast Food SMB   949-6866
Subway 2 (Anderson Square) American/Fast Food GT   945-3568
Subway 3 (Dorcy Drive) American/Fast Food GT   945-7373
Subway 4 (Centennial Towers) American/Fast Food WB   943-7827
Subway 5 (Countryside) American/Fast Food SA   943-7878
Subway 6 (Reef Resort) American/Fast Food EE   946-1474
Sunset Bar & Restaurant Local/BBQ LC sea view restaurant 917-4582
Sunshine Grill American/Pub Fare SMB   949-3000
Taikun, The Ritz-Carlton Gourmet Sushi SMB   943-9000
Thai House Restaurant Thai/Asian GT   949-6141 -w
Thai Orchid Thai/Asian SMB   949-7955
Tiki Beach Pub Fare/American SMB
sea view restaurant
Tipsy Turtle Pub American/Pub Fare CB sea view restaurant 948-1323
Tony's Jerk Food Local/Caribbean GT   916-6962
Toptaste Restaurant Local/Caribbean GT   949-2772
Tortuga Beach Grill & Bar, The Westin Casual/Healthy SMB sea view restaurant 945-3800
Treats Restaurant Contemporary/Global SMB   945-4262 -w
Tropical Delight Caribbean/Local CB   948-1272
Tukka Caribbean/Austrailian EE
sea view restaurant
Upper Crust Bistro Bistro/Cafe SMB   743-1010
Upstairs at Kaibo Contemporary/Caribbean RP
sea view restaurant
Veranda, Marriott Resort Boho-Chic/Fish Grill SMB
sea view restaurant
949-0088 -w
Vista Bar, Marriott Resort Casual Lunch/Dinner SMB
sea view restaurant
Vivine's Kitchen Local/Caribbean EE
sea view restaurant
Walgreen Store & Restaurant American/Local CB   948-0222
Waterfront Urban Diner Contemporary Diner SMB sea view restaurant 640-0002
Welly's Cool Spot Local/American GT   949-2541
Wendy's American/Fast Food SMB   949-0616
The Wharf International/Caribbean SMB
sea view restaurant
949-2231 -w
Wok-n-Roll Asian SMB   949-0168
The Wreck Bar & Grill at Rum Point Light Fare RP
sea view restaurant
XQ's Global/Contemporary Pizza SMB   947-9770 -w
Yoshi Sushi Sushi/Japanese SMB   943-9674


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