BT - Bodden Town CB - Cayman Brac GT - George Town NS - North Side RP - Rum Point SMB - Seven Mile Beach
BR - Breakers EE - East End LC - Little Cayman RB - Red Bay SA - Savannah WB - West Bay
Sea view - indicates water view | -w - indicates internet access/WIFI
Name Cuisine Area View Phone
Abacus Restaurant & Lounge Contemporary/World SMB   623-8282
Agave Grill Mexican GT   947-5555
Agua Restaurant & Lounge Seafood/Fusion SMB   949-2482
Al La Kebab Greek SMB   943-4343
Alfresco Restaurant International/Italian WB Sea view 947-2525
Amelia's Kitchen Caribbean/Spanish GT   949-5522
Anchor Bar & Lounge, Marriott Resort Crepes/Sushi SMB   949-0088
Andiamo, The Ritz-Carlton al Fresco Italian SMB   943-9000 -w
Arbutus Galley Local/Breakfast GT   943-1100
Art Café Café/Lunch SMB   945-8111
Aunt Sha's Kitchen & Catering Local/Caribbean CB   948-1581
Bananas Restaurant Spanish/Caribbean GT   949-0859
Bar Crudo Seafood/Sushi GT Sea view 946-9000
Bar Jack, The Ritz-Carlton Bar / Grill SMB Sea view 943-9000
Barnie's Coffee Shop Breakfast/Lunch GT Sea view 945-2326
Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream/Cakes SMB   946-2373
Beach House Costal Cuisine, The Westin Upscale-Casual SMB Sea view 945-3800
Beach Nuts Bar & Restaurant Pizza/American LC Sea view 948-1033
Beach Terrace, The Westin Tapas SMB Sea view 945-3800
Big Bamboo Brew Pub American/Pub Fare GT   946-1115
Biggies International/Caribbean CB   948-2449
Billy Bones Pool Bar American/Pub Fare SMB   943-2663
Bird of Paradise Continental/International LC   948-1033
Blackie's Restaurant Local/International CB Sea view 948-0232
Blue Parrot Diner Local/Caribbean GT Sea view 947-3229
Blue Breeze Cafe Local/Caribbean CB Sea view 948-8148
Blue by Eric Ripert, The Ritz-Carlton Fine Dining SMB   943-9000
Blue Cilantro East-West Fusion SMB   945-HERB
Blue Iguana Grill International/Caribbean SMB Sea view 949-3100
Blue Marlin Seafood/Local GT   949-4013
Bodden's Roti Shop Trinidadian/Local GT   946-3619
Bombay Chopsticks Indian/Chinese EE   947-7278
Borden's Pizza Pizza/Wings SMB   949-3462
Brac Snack Shack American/Local CB   948-1385
Bread & Chocolate Vegetarian/Modern GT   946-6239
Breadfruit Tree Restaurant Local/Caribbean GT   945-4620
Brittania Grille, Beach Suites Pub/Café SMB   949-1234
Brooklyn (The) Pizza/Pasta SMB   640-0005
Burger King - 7Mile Beach American/Fast Food SMB   949-7784
Burger King - Town Centre Plaza American/Fast Food GT   949-2022
Burger King - Walkers Rd American/Fast Food GT   945-3389
Burger King - Waterfront American/Fast Food GT Sea view 949-6377
Burger Shack Fresh Burgers SMB   949-2867
Bus-side Buffet Caribbean/Seafood GT   945-7965
Café del Sol Coffee House/Free WiFi SMB   946-2233 -w
Café del Sol Coffee House/Free WiFi GT   946-3344 -w
Café del Sol Coffee House/Free WiFi SMB   943-3344 -w
Café del Sol Coffee House/Free WiFi GT Sea view 943-3322 -w
Calico Jack's Bar & Grill American/Pub Fare SMB Sea view 945-7850
Calypso Grill International/Seafood WB Sea view 949-3948
Canton Chinese Restaurant Chinese SMB   945-3536
Captain's Table Restaurant Continental/Local CB   948-1418
Caribbean Jerk House & Grill Caribbean/Cayman SMB   946-2500
Carlos & Martin's Tex-Mex Cantina Tex/Mex SMB   949-4944
Casa 43 Mexican SMB   949-4343
Casanova Restaurant Italian/International GT Sea view 949-7633
Catch Restaurant & Lounge Seafood/Cocktails WB Sea view 949-4321
Cayman Cabana Oceanside RestoBar Cayman/Fusion GT Sea view 943-1345
Cayman Creperie Crepes/Panini/Coffee GT Sea view 949-3355
Caysian Healthy Living Bistro Local/Asian SMB   623-0366
Champion House Restaurant Local/Caribbean GT   949-7882
Chef John's BBQ & Catering BBQ/Local SMB Sea view 949-3979
Chester's Fish Fry Local/Caribbean BT   939-3474
Chicken! Chicken! Caribbean/Café SMB   945-2290
China Village Chinese GT   945-3490
Ching's Restaurant Chinese GT   949-7277
Chuzzo Cuisine Caribbean/Columbian GT   546-3679
Cimboco Caribbean/Café SMB   947-2782
Cobalt Coast Restaurant International/Seafood WB Sea view 946-5656
Coconut Joe's Continental/Pub Fare SMB   943-5637
Coffee & Bites Café/Pastries GT   945-4892
Copper Falls Steakhouse Steak/Seafood SMB   945-4755 -w
Corita's Copper Kettle Local/Caribbean GT   949-2696
Country & Western Restaurant Local/International RB   945-4079
Cracked Conch Caribbean/International WB Sea view 945-5217
Craft Food & Beverage Company Contemporary/GastroPub SMB   640-0004
Craft Market Café Local/American GT   945-7109
Da Fish Shack Fish/Friendly GT Sea view 947-8126
Daily Grind Café/Lunch GT   945-1175 -w
Dairy Queen Ice Cream/Smoothies GT   946-4817
David’s Deep Blue Restaurant & Bar Caribbean/International EE Sea view 925-7293
Deckers American/International SMB   945-6600 -w
Den, Marriott Resort Breakfast/International SMB   949-0088
Dolce Vita Ristorante Italian/International GT Sea view 946-7678
Dog House Pub RB   947-3456
Domino's Pizza - Mary Street Pizza/Fast Food GT   949-8282
Domino's Pizza - Savannah Pizza/Fast Food SA   947-1188
Domino's Pizza - West Bay Pizza/Fast Food WB   949-6633
Dragon Inn Chinese SA   947-1166
Duke's Seafood & Rib Shack Seafood/Ribs SMB   640-0000
Eagle Ray's Dive Bar & Grill Seafood/American EE Sea view 947-0000
Eats Cafe American/International SMB   945-1950
Edd's Place - Come Have Fun With Us American/International CB   926-0376
Edoardo's Italian/International SMB   945-4408 -w
Elaine's Restaurant Local/Caribbean GT   949-6385
Everglo Local/Caribbean BT   947-2580
Every Bloomin Thing British/Tea Room GT   945-1701
Ferdinand's, The Westin American/International SMB Sea view 945-3800
Fidel Murphy's Irish Pub & Restaurant Pub Fare/Irish SMB   949-5189
Full Of Beans Café West-Coast/Asian GT   943-2326 -w
George Town Yacht Club Caribbean/International GT Sea view 947-4892 -w
Ginger Lily Frozen Yogurt Gourmet Frozen Yogurt SMB   946-9589
Gino's Pizzeria Pizza/Sandwiches SMB   943-3663
Grand Old House International/Caribbean GT Sea view 949-9333 -w
Guy Harvey's Island Grill Seafood/French GT Sea view 946-9000 -w
Hard Rock Cafe American/Burgers GT Sea view 947-2020
Hemingways, Beach Suites International/Caribbean SMB Sea view 949-1234 -w
Heritage Kitchen Local/Cayman WB Sea view 916-0444
Hungry Horse (airport cafe) American/Pub Fare GT   949-8056
Hungry Iguana (airport cafe) Local/American LC   948-0007
Icoa International/Fusion SMB   945-1915
Island Naturals Café Vegetarian/Organic SMB   945-2252
Island Taste Local/Seafood GT   945-4945
Jessie's Juice Bar Wholesome/Nourishing SMB   949-2012
Jillian's Billiard Lounge & Bar Caribbean/International SMB   949-0110
Kaibo Beach Bar & Grill Caribbean/International RP Sea view 947-9975 -w
Karoo Small Plates SMB   946-6633
KFC - Baytown Plaza American/Fast Food SMB   949-2834
KFC - Shedden Rd American/Fast Food GT   945-5540
KFC - The Strand American/Fast Food SMB   945-9065
Kups Gourmet Coffee Coffee/Latin GT   324-3311
Kurt's Korner Authentic Cayman NS Sea view 947-8899
La Esperanza Local/International CB   948-0531
La Sha Ry's Indian/Local GT   949-5274
Latin Taste Restaurant Latin/Caribbean GT   947-2267
Lauren's Amer-ibbean Fusion/Café SMB   946-7745 -w
Lean & Green Healthy/Caribbean GT   938-5326
Legendz Bar & Grille American/International SMB   943-3287
Lemongrass Fine Asian GT   946-1818
Liberty's Restaurant Local/Caribbean WB   949-3226
Lighthouse Restaurant Italian/Seafood BR Sea view 947-2047
Lobster Pot Restaurant International/Caribbean GT Sea view 949-2736 -w
Lunch Box Local/American GT   749-8333
Lola Bistro Bistro/Cafe SMB   743-1012
Lone Star Bar & Grill American/Mexican SMB   945-5175
Luca Contemporary/Italian SMB Sea view 623-4550 -w
Luz's Restaurant Local/Spanish GT   949-4898
Macabuca Oceanside Tiki Bar & Grill American/Pub Fare WB Sea view 945-5217
MacDonald's Restaurant Local/American GT   949-4640
Maedac Super Centre Sandwiches/Lunch RB   949-2977
Mango Tree Restaurant & Lounge Caribbean/Local GT   949-0732
Margaritaville Cayman Islands American/Caribbean GT Sea view 949-6274
Meringue Town Restaurant Local/Caribbean GT   945-8330
Mimi’s Dock Bar & Restaurant Pub Fare/Carribbean-style EE Sea view 947-7449
Mizu Contemporary/SE Asian SMB Sea view 640-0001
Morgan's Seafood/American SMB Sea view 946-7049
My Bar at Sunset House Seafood/Pub Fare GT Sea view 949-7111
Myrtle's Restaurant Local/Caribbean SMB   949-7868
Nectar Sushi/Cocktails SMB   946-3496
Old Gaol Café Breakfast/Lunch GT   946-2482
Ortanique Restaurant Innovative Caribbean SMB   640-7710
OsetraBay International/Seafood WB Sea view 325-5000
Over the Edge Seafood/Steakhouse NS Sea view 947-9568
Paddle Inn Take Out Local Caribbean GT   949-1218
Paladar Grill Restaurant Cuban GT   769-5836
Papa John's Pizza Pizza/Sides SMB   943-7272
Paperman's Coffee House (MidPoint Plaza) Café/American GT   916-7185 -w
Paperman's Coffee House (The Strand) Café/American SMB   946-7185 -w
Pappagallo's Ristorante Italian/International WB   949-1119
Paradise Bar & Grill American/Caribbean GT Sea view 945-1444
Peachwave Frozen Yogurt Cayman FrozenYogurt/Coffee SMB   949-3788 -w
Pelican's Reef at The Reef Resort International/Seafood EE Sea view 947-4893
Peppers Smokehouse Jamaican Jerk SMB   943-3000 
Perk Up Coffe Shop & Cafe Coffees/Baking SMB   949-7375
Pirate's Point Dining Room Cayman/Continental LC Sea view 948-1010
Pirates Den Pub Fare SMB   949-7144 -w
Pizza Hut - Countryside Pizza/American SA   947-7333
Pizza Hut - West Bay Rd Pizza/American SMB   949-8687
Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen Cajun Chicken GT   769-8000
PoPo Jeb's Pizza Pizza/American CB   948-0344

Quizno's Sub

American/Fast Food SMB   949-0000
Rackams Waterfront Restaurant American/Caribbean GT Sea view 945-3860
Ragazzi Ristorante & Pizzeria Italian/Pizza SMB   945-3484 -w
Rankin's Jerk Pit Jerk/Caribbean BT   947-3155
Ray Ray's Late Night BBQ Jerk/BBQ SMB   946-6398
Reef Grill at the Royal Palms Seafood/American SMB Sea view 945-6358
Rocky's Lunch Burgers, Donuts SMB   945-4152
Root's Delight Vegan GT   925-0494
Rum Point Club Restaurant Continental/Caribbean RP Sea view 947-9412
Schooner's Bar & Grill Seafood/American WB   949-3894
Scott Gloria Restaurant Local/Caribbean GT   949-4025
Seaharvest Restaurant ScubaHungry/Indian GT Sea view 945-1383
SeaSide Paradise Restaurant American/Local BT Sea view 946-7272
Seven, The Ritz-Carlton Breakfast+Dinner SMB Sea view 943-9000 -w
Seymour's Jerk Local Caribbean GT   916-8531
SIDEbar Gastro-Pub SMB   745-3647
Silver Palm, The Ritz-Carlton Contemporary Lunch & Tea SMB   943-9000
Singh's Roti Shop & Bar Trinidadian/Local GT   946-7684
Smoothie Factory Smoothies/Juices SMB   749-7575
Smoothie King Nutritional Smoothies SMB   943-3400
South Coast Bar & Grill Caribbean/Local BR Sea view 916-5019
South West Collective Local-sourced/Wholesome GT Sea view 946-3004
Southern Spice Indian Restaurant Indian Cuisine SMB   949-5550
Star Island Restaurant Local Caribbean CB   948-8406
Stingers Restaurant & Pool Bar American/Pub Fare SMB   945-3000
Subway 2 (Anderson Square) American/Fast Food GT   945-3568
Subway 3 (Dorcy Drive) American/Fast Food GT   945-7373
Subway 4 (Centennial Towers) American/Fast Food WB   943-7827
Subway 5 (Countryside) American/Fast Food SA   943-7878
Subway 6 (Reef Resort) American/Fast Food EE   946-1474
Subway (West Shore) American/Fast Food SMB   949-6866
Sunset Cove Beach Bum Cafe Local Caribbean LC Sea view 917-7307
Sunshine Grill American/Pub Fare SMB   949-3000
Taikun, The Ritz-Carlton Gourmet Sushi SMB   943-9000
Tasters Choice Café and Juice Corner Local Caribbean GT   945-9113
Thai House Restaurant Thai/Asian GT   949-6141 -w
Thai Orchid Thai/Asian SMB   949-7955
The Attic Sports Bar Pub Fare/Appetizers SMB   949-7665
The Bistro Classic French SMB   623-6666
The Brasserie Local/International GT   945-1815
The Brasserie Market Healthy/Flavourful GT   945-1814
The Captains Bakery and Grill American SMB   949-1007
The Clubhouse, Treasure Island Resort Pub Fare SMB   746-0839
The Grand Palm Restaurant Seafood/Caribbean CB Sea view 948-1323
The Grape Tree Cafe Fish Fry Fish/Local BT Sea view 324-5860
The Green Parrot Bar & Grill Cayman-style/BBQ GT Sea view 526-7625
The Italian Kitchen Italian/Seafood EE   949-8210
The Palms Caribbean Restaurant Caribbean/American CB Sea view 948-1323
The Riviera Bar Island Tapas GT Sea view 623-4372
The Wharf International/Caribbean SMB Sea view 949-2231 -w
The White House   BT Sea view 946-5500
The Wreck Bar & Grill at Rum Point Light Fare RP Sea view 947-9412
Tiki Beach Pub Fare/American SMB Sea view 743-6616
Tipsy Turtle Pub American/Pub Fare CB Sea view 948-1323
Tony's Jerk Food Local/Caribbean GT   916-6962
Toptaste Restaurant Local/Caribbean GT   949-2772
Tortuga Beach Grill & Bar, The Westin Casual/Healthy SMB Sea view 945-3800
Treats Restaurant Contemporary/Global SMB   945-4262 -w
Tropical Delight Caribbean/Local CB   948-1272
Tukka Caribbean/Austrailian EE Sea view 947-2700
Undra's Take Out Local Caribbean WB   945-0944
Upstairs at Kaibo Contemporary/Caribbean RP Sea view 947-9975
Veranda, Marriott Resort Boho-Chic/Fish Grill SMB Sea view 949-0088 -w
Vista Bar, Marriott Resort Casual Lunch/Dinner SMB Sea view 949-0088
Vivine's Kitchen Local/Caribbean EE Sea view 947-7435
VIVO Organic/Gluten-free WB Sea view 749-8486
Walgreen Store & Restaurant American/Local CB   948-0222
Waterfront Urban Diner Contemporary Diner SMB Sea view 640-0002
Welly's Cool Spot Local/American GT   949-2541
Wendy's American/Fast Food SMB   949-0616
West Bay Diner Local/Caribbean WB   946-8000
Whiskey Mist Sports Bar Irish Pub SMB   326-3020
Wok-n-Roll Asian SMB   949-0168
Wreck Bar and Grill Local Caribbean SMB   947-9412
XQ's Global/Contemporary Pizza SMB   947-9770 -w
Yoshi Sushi Sushi/Japanese SMB   943-9674